Cree Strobon UAV Drone Strobes

Flytron Strobon Strobes

Flytron Strobon Strobes are a perfect solution for use for your drone to satisfy FAA 107 Night flight requirements. Flytron Strobon Strobeshas been producing the Strbon Strobes for over 4 years now and is the leader in the industry. We are an authorized re-seller for the Flytron Strobon Strobes Company and Have many of the strobon strobes in stock.

Flytron Strobon comes in several variations and colors. The most popular is the Strobon Cree version which has a brighter strobe for better visibility in longer distances. The Standard version has nearly the same brightness with a diffusing lens on them for a great omnidirectional dispersion of light. The standard vs the cree are very close in the price range. Each comes in the colors of Red White Green and Blue. The Flytron Strobon Standard comes in all of the same colors including yellow and IR spectrums.


Both the Cree and the Standard offer a 2 hours of operation with a lipo 3.7v battery.
Rechargeable with a micro USB cable
You will not need to run cabling, unless you want dedicated power.
The board has external + and – Pads for expanding the led lighting
Lightweight, about the weight of a quarter
One single button, On/off with strobe only pattern.

Usage and Instructions

Battery Check: Press the button to determine the charge capacity. 1 blink Low, 2 blinks good charge 3 blinks full charge. Approximately 33% each blink
Charging takes approximately 1-2 hours. A fast blink will display when low, and a slow blink will display when fully charged, 1 second on and 2 seconds off

Where to order

You can order your Cree or Standard Versions Direct from us or from your favorite retailer, Amazon, Ebay or mdpAIR

Strobe for drones fully battery operated

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