We’re a Port Orange drone photography company! Sure, you could advertise a property up for sale by including a head-on street-level shot photo of the house in question. But, doesn’t it look like the establishing shot of some family sitcom? Think about it; If a show like Dallas or Game of Thrones wants you to know this isn’t some goofball comedy but a dramatic epic they take swooping aerial shots of the places where the action is. Contact us now!

Still-photos are a thing of the past that may have worked in the era old school film, but if you want your real estate deals to be taken seriously, its a must, to include aerial drone photography.Of course, taking photos by drones is not an easy undertaking you’d think it would be. Not only are the drone and camera both expensive equipment, but using one to take photos isn’t some point and click session at the beach. Licensing and legal requirements are imperative! Your best bet is to hire a professional and if you want someone who can really capture powerful images in  Florida, look no further than mdpAIR for the best in Port Orange drone photography

Port Orange Drone Photography

Port Orange is an affluent area with beachfront properties and A list schools. Sure, there’s going to be families who want to live here, but they will be high rollers. To impress them, you need high-quality photos fit for a magazine and virtual tours that look like they were shot by Spielberg himself. What’s more, a lot of these luxury homes come with lush gardens, circular driveways, swimming pools or a private beach. You can’t get all that in one street-level photo! You need an eye in the sky to show everything that the place comes with. It may interest you to know that real estate agents who utilize aerial photography in their listing sell the property ten times faster than those who don’t. Don’t get left in the dust!

MdpAIR employs FAA licensed pilots with extensive experience in commercial and law enforcement. If you want your agency to be on the cutting edge in property presentation, mdpAIR is ready to fly! We are fully licensed and insured as required by the FAA.

Many uses of a drone

Aerial drone photography can do much more than just take impressive pictures. You can use this as an opportunity to go into details while doing your spiel. When discussing a property with a client, an aerial photo can be used to highlight all the things a buyer looks for.

• Encompassing aerial views Give the potential buyer an idea of the layout of the entire property and land. Show them everything they’re getting as part of the deal.
• Confirming condition of the roof There are many property features that are difficult to access on your typical open house tour. You can use Port Orange drone photography to show a solid roof and well-built chimneys.
• Highlighting the surrounding area. The buyer may want to know what it will be like to come home to this place. They’ll want to know what their kids’ route to school will be like. A nice neighborhood is almost as important as a nice house. With Aerial photography, you can show off what amenities are nearby. Think, Location, location, location!
• Civic developments or local improvement districts The buyers may like to know what their property taxes might contribute to. Feel free to show them! For example, the VOTRAN bus route sare a convenient and good use of taxpayer money.

MdpAIR; Because of We Care! We at mdpAIR are professionals when it comes to Port Orange drone photography. Call us today and we will schedule you a session with one of our FAA-licensed pilots. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Head over to our Instagram Page to see more work

Port Orange Drone Photography
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