6 Technologies Transforming The Oil And Gas Industry

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6 Technologies Transforming The Oil And Gas Industry
6 Technologies Transforming The Oil And Gas Industry. Image source: Supplied

Emerging of modern technology tends to simplify the conventional or traditional procedures and to reduce the time consumption as well. In this context, Oil and gas industry has been influenced a lot with a significant reduction in cost as well.

Safety is also the most essential factor which is enhanced to a great extent due to the influence of technology. This also includes robotics, AI, IoT accompanied by modern hardware and software tools. However, some of the most used technologies that are influencing the oil field technologies to a whole new level are

  • Use of drones : –

Spotting the leaks in pipelines and troubleshooting the problems is made easier with the use of modern drones which are significantly taking part in many companies nowadays. Watching the whole scenario with eyes in the sky makes it simple to detect the emergencies or risks involved in the procedures for the better safety of workers.

The best and most essential benefit of using drones is that the delivery chain can also be observed without any need for separate maintenance crews to diagnose them.

Furthermore, the crew can also use the captured footage of drones to ensure that everything is properly equipped to handle the exact issue even before it arrives. This technology can save a lot of money and make an inspection of safety as well.

  • Augmented Reality: –

AR has been a buzz since its breakout in the industrial field and since then became an ideal work companion for workers in the field. It can play a major role in enabling the workers to visualize further tasks in the companies and also see inside the equipment to detect and troubleshoot any kind of problems.

On the other hand, it also has concrete benefits in reducing the risks of injury and maintaining the safety level of the workers.

  • Blockchain

Bloch chain is growing faster than ever in the industrial sector due to its wide variety of applications as the distributed digital ledger of choice for its vertical sectors. However, the inherent data security of this is still about to be applied in the energy industry to find different solutions.

  • Quantum computing

Quantum computing is one such technology being capable of not only improving the present day’s computer performance to a great extent by enhancing its speed upto 100 million times faster. This technology is accompanied by over 30,000 sensors which are able to generate 1.5 terabits of data which is not even 1% of present-day computers.

  • Digital models

Digital modeling plays a key role in the prediction of the future while constructing the virtual image of the field operations by using the data points to assume what the outcome can be in real life. A new energy resource can be visualized to meet the requirements, mostly when it is underdeveloped and exploration as well.

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT was one of the most favorable technologies when it was first seen in the Oil and gas industry. It helped to monitor people working, equipment, machinery and vehicle etc which helps in optimizing the operations to a great extent and save costs potentially. On the other hand, aggregating and analyzing the data from such devices is quite easy than any other form of dedicated technology.

Besides these technologies that are bringing a significant change to the oil and gas industry drastically, there are several others too which tends to enhance efficiency, reduce the risk levels and make the works effortless as well.

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