Small Business, Commercial Drones and applications:

With aerial services from MDPair, Aerial site photography, Site Inspection, Roofing inspection, thermal imaging, leak detection, and so much more. No matter the commercial application you can give your client a better view, experience. In addition, we can provide photography for special events, view inaccessible areas, Marketing, and Cinematic video for advertisement and so much more!

3d Mapping with sUAS and drones can be beneficial for visuals for clients who need to see projects in a real-world condition from the sky. With safety, our main concern most commercial drones projects will have a designated visual observer. Drones can be for providing a cinematic approach to documenting your event, party, or any other commercial application you can think of.

Whether it be corporate, private, public, or personal events, commercial drones will be a great addition for enhanced views and data gathering.

Our commercial drones services are deployable within Florida and south-east. We have teams in Midwest, Central Oklahoma, and New York. Reach out for more information. If you do not see an application and you want to explore opportunities send over a bit of information about your project. Let mdpAIR help you enhance your business and bring better information and immersive technology to your clients. Keep yourself in the eyes of prospective clients by keeping up with what your competition is already doing