Best drone deals on the web for Black Friday 2018

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If you're looking into buying a drone, it's important to know what you can expect.

With some drones are available for under £50 and others north of £1000, you won't find many other items in the technology market with such a massive disparity in price.

We'll quickly get into the reasons why, but first consider this: if you've never flown a drone before, how willing are you to fly a £1000 piece a kit in the air for your trial run?

In order to get used to the intricacies of flying one, this Potensic Mini Drone – a 'Quadcopter for Beginners' – is a handy and relatively inexpensive way to learn at £21.99.

If you're looking for a drone that's also installed with a camera, even the cheapest alternatives are twice that price. This LBLA FPV at £39.99 is tagged as an 'Amazon Choice' and receives largely favourable reviews from previous customers.

Once you're feeling a little bit more confident in your handling of them, you might feel like a higher-end item is worth your money after all.

To give you a better idea of what's out there for your consideration, we have compiled a list of some of 2018's highest-rated drones.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

With a remote closely resembling an Xbox One controller and a superb battery life, you can see why this drone is one of the most popular among the mainstream.

It's best feature though, has got to be the First Person View goggles which, aided with your smartphone, can give you the impression you're flying through the skies.

Different bundles that come with different novelties are available from £379.99 .

Argos | Currys | Very

DJI Spark

Review site Tech Radar describes the DJI Spark as 'no larger or heavier than a can of soda'.

Despite it's compact design, it's sturdy – and it also comes with a nice feature where you can wave your hand to command it to take off or land.

This item is priced at between £450-£500 in most stores. However, you can currently get your hands on a bargain ahead of the Black Friday bedlam here at Drones Direct who have it priced at £350 .

Xiaomi Mi

You may start to hear more and more about Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. Following the release of their smartphones , they have now entered into the drone market.

The Xaomi Mi can fly up to 2km high using it's antennas and also comes with a built-in smartphone clamp.

For beginners, the drone comes with simple button controls for taking off and landing as well as a 'home' switch.

Most models have to be shipped via China or Hong Kong, so expect to factor in additional delivery and shipping charges accordingly.

While it officially retails at £569, you can find them on ebay for around £400 or here at who have it for 43% off, £323.99.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500

As one of the most costly items we've listed, it's fair to expect a lot – and with 4K video recording, a built-in Android device with a 5.5" touchscreen, it does have those extra mod-cons that generally drive up the prices of drones.

In terms of performance, the Yuneec Typhoon is said to be light, agile and responsive. The only real drawback most online reviews agree upon is the fact it is made largely from plastic, as opposed to metal or carbon fiber.

DronesForLess have one of the best deals available on it – you can find it on their website for £569 .

DJI Mavic Air

Along with all of the expected mod-cons, including a 3-axis camera that captures video superior frame rate than most of its rivals, it can also shoot horizontal and vertical panoramas and slow-motion video.

One of it's greatest features is it's size and foldable form which makes it one of the most popular drones among travellers.

Jessops sell the DJ Mavic Air in both Onyx Black and Arctic White for £769 .

Are they worth the money? That's for you to decide. As far as luxury items go though, there are few products out there that are as much fun – and there are hundreds of YouTube videos that pay testament to that.

While we have highlighted some of the best deals that are currently available, most retailers are expected to further decrease prices across the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. If you're umming and ahhing, then that might be the best time to check for the best deals.

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