Daytona Beach Drone Instruction Class 2019

Welcome to the Daytona Beach Drone instruction class! If you are reading this you have already realized that flying a drone is not as simple as walking but can be with the right teacher by your side. With this course I have carefully created you will learn everything from communicating with Airspace to the basics of using drone controls. By the end of a day, you can have all of your drone questions answered and walk away with first level hands-on experience flying drones appropriately.

Daytona Beach Drone instruction Class: 2/23 We’re excited to announce the 3rd class for the drone. The class is limited to 3 people per class. Private classes can be scheduled at $175.00.  The class will be hands-on flying a remote control Phantom or Mavic Drone. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring that as well. Must be under 55lbs.

It’s easy, I promise!

Flying a drone can be difficult, but not impossible, no experience needed whatsoever. I will teach you the ins and outs of flying drones commercially and for a hobby. I have over 20 years of experience flying, current 107 certified FAA Remote UAS Certificate holder.

We provide the drones (Mavic and Phantom drones available)

What you’ll learn!

  • Basic Flight characteristics
  • Smooth Panning
  • Basic Airspace rules
  • Emergency Safety Procedures
  • Basic camera settings
  • Smooth Camera tricks
  • FAQ Q&A for all

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Classes begin at $50.00, you can bring one guest for 25.00 additional. (one person will fly) The Class entails of 30 minutes of flight time. 10 minutes overview of airspace, Importance of drones and smooth video flight. Private classes can be extended after group class is complete.  I want you walking away feeling safe and secure in flying a drone. Pilots available for lessions. Check out our Instagram for more information and read all About us
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Learn to fly drones in Daytona Beach

 Daytona Beach Drone Instruction Class

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