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3d Mapping and 3d rendering with a drone is a very powerful tool for providing you a visual representation of a project. Take a flight around this beautiful home pictured above that gives you a sense of being there. 3d Rendering and mapping services we offer are extremely helpful in situations of reporting, providing updates on projects and to give clients who cannot translate the scale of projects. Estimating measurements like acreage, volume and distances are capable through overlays on google maps. (see disclaimer below). There is no substitute for a licensed Engineer, Surveyor or Cartographer, but using the visual approach to view your projects in a virtual environment is a great tool for those who can not visualize or be on site. 3d Mapping will give your clients a beautiful view without being on site.

Disclaimer: These renders are not to supplement for surveying and or mapping, I am not a licensed surveyor. These may not be used for legal recordings or certifiable measurements.

Drone 3d Mapping


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