Drones support full construction lifecycle developing a Building Information Model (BIM) for every site

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Drones can used throughout the construction life-cycle process to accumulate the data for developing the BIM for any particular construction site

FROM AIRBORNE DRONES, https://www.airbornedrones.co/
The following types of data during the construction process can be collected using the AIRBORNE DRONES’ Vanguard platform:
– 2D Mapping: Visual, NIR and DEM.
– 3D Data: LiDAR
– Raw Imagery: Aerial, Thermal, Multi-Spectral
Construction Investment Monitoring
Real-time awareness and accuracy have always been challenges on construction sites.
CONSTRUCTION PHASES. OPPORTUNIES FOR UAV ASSISTANCEDrones can used throughout the construction life-cycle process to accumulate the data for developing the BIM (Building Information Modeling) for any particular construction site:
significantly improve the speed and quality of the design process. by providing better field data,
capture high-resolution videos and images, enabling 3D modelling and providing data about a site’s initial status for investors and property owners before work begins.
enable the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), which ensure better contract valuation.
quick surveys of sites and for the precise gathering of data for progress reports.
monitor progress by imposing overlays of plans onto photos of the actual state of construction, in addition to identifying discrepancies as small as 1 cm, and simultaneously verifying contractor reports.
check whether site borders have been crossed, and confirm that materials are being stored and handled correctly.
Provide investors with swift access to complex data, enabling a fast reaction and an effective analysis of results. UAV technology allows investors to monitor contractor engagement and receive complete, trustworthy documentation.
Use accurate data gathered by drones to perform precise work such as positioning steel slabs in concrete or measuring the depth of pipelines, preventing costly and dangerous construction errors.
Drones further increase safety by performing hazardous work, and by monitoring construction areas for possible sources of risk and accidents.
final work assessment,
environmental impact verification and reporting.
used for maintenance and marketing purposes.
Using UAVs much of the current approach can be avoided where work is performed:
manually, based on in-person inspections,
in some cases, rope access, scaffolding and elevated platforms are necessary,
with the need to turn off the installation for the duration of the maintenance..
Locate defects faster, more thoroughly, cheaply and safely.
Drones can be used in stocktaking and inventory management for infrastructure companies. Performing inventory assessments with UAVs allows companies to cut costs and accelerate the entire process, while providing more detailed information about the assets. It also increases workplace safety, as rotary-wing drones can fly into places that are difficult to reach without risking human lives.
The best example may be inventory of telecommunication and broadcasting masts, and the devices installed on them.
Use optical barcodes and (RFID), makes the process safer and much more efficient.
Database integration makes the cataloguing process more detailed and more reliable.
Our total solution is the Vanguard+ drone system, all Vanguard systems have an achievable flight time of 74 minutes, a range of 35km and a payload of up to 2kg – this system comes with our Datalink Configuration, enabling the range of 35 km with encrypted live video for the entire duration of the flight.
The Airborne VANGUARD supports detachable arms for simple and compact storing in a rugged Aluminium Carry Case, allowing the drone to become fully deployed or stored in under a minute. In addition, the VANGUARD supports a straightforward on-the-field arm replacement capability without requiring repair assistance.

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