Falcon Eye drones hit flight milestone

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Falcon Eye drones hit flight milestone Commercial applications for drones in aerial services are wide and varied.

Falcon Eye, Dubai based drone operator, is celebrating 10,000 flights for projects across the Middle East and Africa, covering nearly 34,000 kilometers since 2014.

The company wants to double its operations in the next few years as the market continues to expand, with an estimated market value of $1.5bn by 2022 in the GCC according to latest reports.

"Drones are becoming an instrumental technology for many industries such as oil & gas, utilities, telecom, construction, transportation, city infrastructure developments, agriculture, archeology, safety & security as well as photography & videography. Drone technology is quickly growing beyond its original military applications and is making a very big impact on the commercial sector", said Rabih Bou Rashid, managing director of Falcon Eye Drones.

As the Middle East rapidly grows and innovates, drones will play an instrumental role in the development of multiple projects, speeding up their delivery times. From aerial photography, 3D mapping, aerial survey, and plant inspection, applications for drones are varied.

Falcon Eye’s recent projects include the Department of Energy, Mohamed Bib Rashid Space Center, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority and others.

Airspace regulators are conscious of the growth of drone technology and are looking for a balance between public safety and economic efficiency. The progress of drone legislation and regulation in the region is underway. The proposed drone traffic control center in the UAE will soon serve as a centralised authority to manage drone traffic and ensure regulations are followed.



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