Loxley unveils high-tech future

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Loxley Evolution Technology Co Ltd says it has launched four high tech groups using advanced technology through intelligent platform to enhance the security operation work potential, hopefully get Thailand on top place of being the truly safe country.

Yuthaporn Chittakasem, CEO, said LET has a registered capital of Bt50 million. The technology exhibition was organised under the theme of “Live Beyond” at Terminal 21 Shopping Centre to show leadership in providing centralised security technology on the aspects of the designing, System Integration Service, network system, applications, including security technology maintenance service and to gear up towards becoming the number one service provider bringing the Total Solutions, conforming to Thailand’s entering into the 4.0 era.

“The significant outstanding point of LET is its own platform called Beyond Platform, collaborated with its technological expertise alliance, Brazen Company, Singapore. The development of intelligent security platform through big data, the use of rtificial intelligence for integration with drone closed circuit television, various sensor detection systems at the city, provincial and regional levels, and the centralised management through the Single Command Control Centre under the 3P concepts which are Predict, Prepare, Prevent, and 1M which is Manage to get the advanced cutting-edge solutions for helping the operators restrain threats and sustainably reduce crimes. It’s to build confidence in security for Thai people and foreign tourists, getting Thailand to become a truly safe city.” said Chittakasem.

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