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Aerial photography is a necessity, period.

In today’s marketing tool chest, if you’re looking for an Ormond Beach Aerial Photographer, then we’re ready to get in the air for you. If you found this site you already understand how important visual communication is for your clients. Not only is visual communication a key tool in displaying your work and ideas it is a priceless way to provoke a client to ask you questions and engage with you. You have most likely spent years of your time on this planet fine-tuning your contribution to society, it’s now time for those ideas to be shared. Let MDP Air turn those ideas into visual realities you and your clients can relate to.

Why hire an Aerial Photographer you might ask?

Just as you have spent all of your childhood dreaming up your contribution to society, then all of your time and money learning the skills to bring the said dream to life, so have we. You didn’t study marketing but you know your business like the back of your hand, you have never heard of the word photogrammetry but you can write countless words on the topic of land development or real estate. You know your craft and we know ours. Hire us to turn your knowledge into a visual representation of your hard work. You have the portfolio filled with diagrams, words, and math. Let us create a visual portfolio for you. We’ll be the best choice for an

Why an aerial photographs can be of value to your marketing plan.

How many times have you been at a social gathering or convention with the goal to sell your business? You spend lots of money to be around people who are interested in your product. You successfully get attention just to talk to a potential client for up to an hour and get nothing but a head nod, a smile, and a look of confusion. You know everything there is to know about your product and yet this happens. You just spent time which is money talking to someone who still has no idea what it is you do. Don’t you wish you could show them what it is you see? Well, now you can with the help of an Ormond Beach aerial photographer. That hour-long conversation can now, thanks to years of skill, training, and a drone can be a two-minute conversation. You reach for your phone and a one minute video of your work can say everything you would have said to your client in that same hour. Talk about saving time and having more interactions.

Background knowledge a drone Photographer is required to have.

  • Passing 107 FAA Testing two times a year which adds up to over $400.00 of testing a year, not including time spent studying and practice.
  • A clear understanding of photography composition, how a drone functions, how our airways function, and the ability to use all of this knowledge at the same time to film a story.
  • An ability converse with air traffic and the city to properly coordinate a flight.
  • The equipment and programs needed to upload videos and computer skills to process the videos.
  • The ability to assemble shots into a coherent sequence on an editing program.
  • An efficient way to save videos on all platforms you will need the videos to perform on. Such as Instagram, Ipads, cellphones, websites, TV’s, and projectors.
  • An efficient system for saving all work created in case you ever lose your media.

An Ormond Beach Aerial Photographer worth your time and money will have developed all of these skillsets and more. We’d love to hear from you Contact me today for more information, to book an appointment, ask questions or to hire us today!

We’re a proud supporter of the beautiful city of Ormond Beach. Ormond Beach is a beautiful place to live, and when flying drones, all of our pilots have clearances throughout the area. We have instant access to airspaces to stay legal and provide you with a better service. Don’t hire an unlicensed drone operator. It could fall back on you.

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