Phantom Payload dropper 2, 3, 4, pro for fishing, dropping parachutes non servo electronics

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See it in action here:

Designed for Phantom 3, 4 and pro and standard version. This attaches to the landing gear of the drone. You can attach a small payload to your drone and manually release it. To release it you will move copter left/right in a deliberate motion. (see video below)

The following is included with your purchase

1) RED Slotted Drop maze 3d printed abs *UPGRADED dual arm (single arm old version) RED
4)  zip ties
2) pieces of wire for hook
4) Heatshrink installed

I recommend using a large paperclip for your drop maze and have supplied a template with the unit on the optimal shape if you need more.
Using any payload modifier is at your own risk. Refer to the owner’s manual for CG modification and payload limitations. Installation is easy.

1. Place Drone UAS on flat surface
2. Place Maze at the bottom of the landing gear
3. Attach zip ties
4. Add your hook with payload

When using, long swinging payloads can create a pendulum effect. The closer your payload is to the CG the less swing. I recommend no more than keys or 5oz of weight added. Use at own risk

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