SpaDash Mobile Haircuts Set To Launch in Austin, Texas

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Cut Your Hair. Anytime. Anywhere.

Getting a haircut in barbershops or hair salons takes too much time. SpaDash allows Men, Women and Children to get their hair cut anytime and anywhere.

In the future, people won’t say they need a haircut, they will SpaDash.”— Brian Jones, CBS Sports

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, July 14, 2019 / — The haircut has been a necessary chore since the dawn of civilized nations. The ritual of getting a haircut hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, however. One travels to a barbershop or hair salon and sits in a waiting area until a hair care professional calls their name and places them into a barber chair. The only difference between how someone gets a haircut today and during the 1800’s is the mode of travel- a horse vs. ridesharing. The wait and travel time still remains.

SpaDash is moving to change the way society gets their hair cutting chore complete. The company, based in Austin, Texas, will launch its mobile app by the same brand name, SpaDash, to the world in September 2019. Men, women, kids and seniors will be able to use the SpaDash app to order a licensed barber and hairstylist right from their phone to come to them at the time they choose and get a haircut. The slogan of SpaDash is “Cut Your Hair. Anytime. Anywhere.” meaning that a customer can get their haircut wherever it is convenient for them.

Haircuts by SpaDash are performed by licensed hair care professionals. Each “SpaDash Provider” is licensed by the state and has achieved all the necessary training to work as a hair stylist or barber, the same regulation that is required if they were working in a barbershop or hairsalon. The benefits are numerous for hair care professionals that choose to be a part of the SpaDash network. First, and probably most important to them, is they make the majority of the proceeds from a hair service. While typically they only make 30-40% of any hair cut at a typical barbershop or hair salon, they will make over 70% while performing haircuts for SpaDash. The SpaDash Providers also get paid based on the mileage they travel between appointments. On top of all of that, the Providers are also incentivized through a serious bonus plan that includes many levels of cash bonuses, and ultimately an exotic trip to locations such as Cancun or Amsterdam.

Hair stylists also benefit in that they get to set their own work schedule and aren’t tied to a chair in a barbershop or hair salon all day. Once they set their schedule within the SpaDash app, customers that request haircuts through the SpaDash app automatically populate schedules. That means rather than sitting in a hair salon between appointments waiting on someone to come in, a SpaDash Provider can run other errands or even just hang out at a coffee shop, until the SpaDash app directs them to their next appointment.

The benefits to customers seeking out haircuts are also numerous. The obvious advantage is being able to save the time taken to drive to a hair salon or barbershop and wait in a chair until their appointment. Today, if a person drives just 15-20 minutes to a hair salon for an appointment and then back again at the end of the appointment, they can save 30-40 minutes in drive time by having a SpaDash Provider come to them instead. The other major time savings comes from eliminating the wait. Even if a customer has an appointment they often find themselves waiting 5-10 minutes waiting for the appointment previous to their's to complete before they can get into the barber’s chair. If they don’t’ have an appointment, and just are a walk-in customer, the waiting time is often anywhere from 10 minutes up to 45 minutes or more. SpaDash eliminates all waiting and driving time, saving haircut customers 40 minutes to over an hour and a half for each haircut appointment during the year, a total that can add up to well over 9 hours of time for all haircuts in a year.

The typical workflow for a customer to order a haircut service through SpaDash, is to request a haircut through the SpaDash app. The first step enables them to select the haircutting services needed during the appointment. The haircut types offered by SpaDash include 1. Short Cut, for hair above the chin; 2. Long Cut, for hair below the chin; 3. Kids/Seniors Cut; and, 4. Buzz Cut with just clippers. A person can order several of these haircut types for a single appointment. This is very common for kids cuts where a parent can order a haircut for themselves and for each of their children. Next, after selecting the haircut types, the customer enters the location where the service will take place, commonly an office or home. The final step is to choose the Provider preference. The customer can choose a particular provider, any provider from the ones they have ‘favorited’ in the app, or can have any provider perform the service.

Once the appointment is set, the customer can do whatever they wish. Rather than driving to the appointment and waiting to get into a chair, they can work, do chores, play with their kids or whatever they want with the time. At the time of the appointment, their SpaDash Provider comes to them with all the necessary tools and performs the haircut services ordered. At the end of the appointment, the Provider cleans up and is on to their next appointment. All payment and gratuity is handled right in the SpaDash app.

Brian Jones, currently a national college football analyst for CBS Sports, says, “SpaDash is a revolutionary service that will change the way haircuts are reserved and administered for the rest of time. Gone are the days, expending so much time waiting for a haircut. Professional athletes and celebrities have long enjoyed this time-saving luxury. SpaDash is affording this aspect of the professional athlete and celebrity lifestyle to everyone. In the future, people won’t say they need a haircut, they will SpaDash.”

SpaDash is set to launch its mobile app for both Apple and Android devices starting in September 2019. It will begin offering customers a haircut in Austin, Texas, but will move to other regions soon after.

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