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Victims of intolerance and discrimination speak to Steve Hilton anonymously about their experience

Do you need to be in Silicon Valley to make millions in tech?

Often lost when looking at the success of companies like Facebook, Uber, and AirBnB – and the millions of dollars made by those early investors – is how many people scoffed at the …

South Carolina authorities believe Jimmy Causey used a cell phone to get help from outside of prison, and a drone may have been used to deliver supplies he needed to make his escape

Police eye drone in South Carolina prison break

South Carolina authorities believe a drone may have been used to help an inmate escape a maximum-security prison.

Jonathan Serrie reports

Robots and jobs: How can US workers adopt to automation?

Jonathan Serrie reports

The technology allows the robots to make limitless combinations of cocktails

Robots are pouring drinks at Las Vegas Strip bar

The technology allows the robots to make limitless combinations of cocktails

The technology allows the robots to make limitless combinations of cocktails

Robot bartenders are whipping up cocktails on the Vegas strip

Robots have come to Las Vegas and they can now make thirsty customers a cold, stiff drink.

Jonathan Serrie reports

Can robots create jobs for humans?

As President Donald Trump seeks to reinvigorate U.S. manufacturing, many industry leaders are looking to robots as the most efficient way for American factories to compete with che…

Professor Tal Dvir speaks during their interview with Reuters on his team's development of a 3D printed patch comprised of lab-grown heart tissue and nano-electronics that could potentially revolutionize the treatment of heart disease, at a laboratory in Tel Aviv University March 16, 2016. Picture taken March 16, 2016. REUTERS/ Nir Elias - RTSCT4X

Georgia Tech's 3D-printed heart valve models could be a genuine lifesaver

Researchers at Georgia Tech and the Piedmont Heart Institute have created 3D-printed heart valves designed for use in the planning of lifesaving surgeries. Here's why they're so ex…

LA children's hospital

LA Children's Hospital fighting disease with tiny robots, big data

From IVEY the assistive robot to an AI-enhanced intensive care unit, Children's Hospital Los Angeles is betting big on technology.

Red smartphone

This company just made the first 'holographic' smartphone and it costs $1,600

Usually known for making high-end cameras for the silver screen, Red has launched a camera for your back pocket – a $1,600 smartphone it dubs the "world's first holographic media m…

ancient croc

Ancient land-dwelling crocodile had T. rex sized teeth, study shows

A new study has finally shed light on a mysterious, jaw fragment discovered on Madagascar years ago. It is from an ancient crocodile, nearly 24-feet in length, with teeth like a Ty…

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