The Drone Trailer: A Drone Gets Possessed by A Deranged Serial Killer

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The first trailer for The Drone is here, which finally gives us the horror movie about drones that was always inevitably going to happen. Drones have become something far more commonplace than any of us likely expected they would ever be. Not only do tech giants like Amazon and Google use them regularly, but on the consumer end, people can buy high-quality drones for all sorts of things. And that's what this movie is focusing on. Not the big evil corporate monsters. No. This evil drone is one that any one of us could buy. In theory, that is. Assuming serial killers could actually transfer their being into an inanimate object. Which they can't. But that's what we have movies for, right?

The trailer starts out like a fluffy and encouraging offering from a major tech company like Google or Facebook. Cheery music. Simple, relatable imagery and messages about our increased dependency on technology in the modern age. But things devolve rather quickly when we encounter the titular drone that has taken on a life of its own. That life formerly belonging to a serial killer. So yes, The Drone is basically going to be like the original Child's Play, only instead of a doll meant for children, it's a highly advanced piece of technology that many adults these days are treating like toys.

In The Drone, a cornered serial killer transfers his consciousness into a drone, meant for consumer enjoyment, which then flies off to terrorize a pair of newlyweds, Rachel (Alexandra Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton). The couple then finds themselves in a fight to stop the murderous piece of technology before it kills them both. Jordan Rubin, who previously directed the equally silly Zombeavers, is at the helm for this one. Rubin penned the screenplay with brothers Jon and Al Kaplan.

One interesting item of note that has almost nothing to do with the movie at hand, but comes with the trailer, is good news for Critters fans. While we haven't heard much officially, this trailer does credit Jordan Rubin as the man behind Critters: A New Binge, a series we've heard about, and seen some pictures online from, but still have yet to learn anything about in an official capacity. But if this trailer is to be believed, the series is coming, which is good news.

Those who want to check out The Drone for themselves will have their first chance to do so at the Slamdance festival, where the movie will hold its world premiere. That event takes place on Monday, January 28, for those who may live in or be around Park City, Utah at the time. Beyond that, there's no word currently on when the rest of us will be able to see it, or where we'll be able to do so, but we're guessing this is of the VOD horror variety, and not necessarily a wide theatrical release. Be sure to check out the trailer from The Drone YouTube channel below.

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