Wolo Siberian Train Horn Review

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Wolo Train Horn Review 2020


Wolo train – Get yours here! Compressor, air tank, and trumpets! Review

I was looking for an affordable way to get a train horn. A few I had seen like the Hornblasters sounded amazing but I was unable to drop $1200 and up on a set. I searched around and took a risk with ordering the Wolo Train Horn which will run you around $300. This is a lot easier to justify for me. It’s currently at an average price with a low being $290 over the last few months. The sound and quality as you’ll hear in the video of the Wolo Train Horn is very good compared to the Hornblasters or even the Vixen. The Vixen seems to be the same company branding their own or at least very similar. The quality is going to be in the trumpets. The compressor and airlines are important, but the true sound is the hardware at the business end of the unit.

Wolo has their horns and system tuned just right for my liking. Once you get it installed, position it where you want it and hit it one time you’ll feel the blast.

Loud? Heck yes, it is loud. Very!  It can make people jump out of their chairs inside the house and grab their attention when an impending danger on the roadway is about to happen. Squirrels literally leave their souls behind in the middle of the roadway when you tap it haha. I do not recommend scaring people with it, but it will light you up if you do get that one unsuspecting friend that is nearby.

Historical Pricing:


Wolo Train horns quality is rated in my opinion about 7/10 overall
6/10 on the trumpet build (plastic) but perfect for elements
9/10 ease of installation
6/10 for rustproof material (still going good after almost 2 years)!
8/10 for sound quality


The ratings above are solely based on not seeing any other horn in person. The build is good and for the price, it can’t be beaten. The trumpets are plastic and that helps hold up to the elements where I had to mount it. The road grime, grease and water from the road after rain really doesn’t affect the build. If I had a lifted truck and wanted it to be seen I would opt for the chrome versions. The horn is easy to install; I had an amp in the car and tapped into that so I didn’t have to run any more wires. Easy enough. Grounding was done with a bolt on the frame. I ran a direct wire to the existing horn positive button tapping into it and only use the train horn for the active horn. The rust issues I have is due to heat and humidity. With having a cover on the back bed it is a sauna in the back causing the chrome parts to speckle with rust. As of two years, it is running great and still works very well. The sound quality is phenomenal and loud. It scares me when I bump the panic button.

I hope that this helps you make a decision in buying a train horn. I don’t regret it at all and really appreciate it’s attention-grabbing when needing to alert other drivers. Click here to get one now on Amazon! If you’d like to see other reviews like this Wolo train horn review, subscribe to my youtube page: Subscribe



Hey what’s going on YouTube fam mark with

mdpAIR here thanks for checking this

video thanks for watching as promised I

was going to do a six-month review on

the wool o train horn and we’re here

today we’re at a remote undisclosed

location because the train horn is

pretty loud and I don’t like doing the

reviews when we are you know get them

right out of the box and put them in I

want a little bit of time to use them

this one here has been a really good

blessing for me I use it for about three

or four things now not to you know let

you down on what it’s good for

I don’t scare people with it so you’re

not gonna find me doing those videos I

use it for about three things that’s

when I’m on the interstate when

someone’s about to cut me off or cuts me

off and then when those people that cut

you off and then they fire off a bird at

you or something like that they get the

horn so I currently have it mounted with

the compressor in the back of the bed

and where the spare tire was underneath

the truck that is where the the actual

horn is it’s three trumpets and as you

heard they’re just a second ago it is

very very clean and crisp it’s got a

good tone to it it doesn’t have those

tin tones like you’ve heard from some of

the cheaper ones so I think I paid

around $2.99 for it the value of that is

extremely good I like it for what it

does so it’s about ten times louder than

the original horn on the on the truck

there and I’m gonna show you guys all

about it now the only downfall I had

after six months is on the back of the

compressor there’s a couple little rusty

spots right there and I believe it was

because I did not have the tonneau cover

on there at the time of installation so

the little rust and specks and spots

might actually be something that just

happens when you have a tonneau cover on

and you have something that’s not a

stainless or a rusted low material

underneath the on the truck bed there so

one of the little downfall about it you

have to put it somewhere where you have

enough room right now the only place

that have room is underneath the truck

and where the spare tire was and I’m

gonna show you guys where it mounts in

and all that it is real simple easy to

install you’re going to run a power line

down from the battery or any location I

ran a short one down from my amplifier

to the actual compressor itself and then

from there there’s another wire that

goes into the cylinder

that allows you to hook it up and when

you hit the horn

that’s the one that needs to go up to

the front as I have it wired into my

existing one so when I press the horn on

the steering wheel it goes off just like

that real simple and easy installation

took me about 45 minutes to an hour

maybe to install the entire thing there

but as I was mentioned let’s go take a

look at it and see what we got installed

and we’ll show you around so inside is

the compressor I was mentioning right

there and you can see the logo at whoa

like that it’s a real small compressor

the tank I think it’s about a two and a

half gallon tank works really well I

have not had any issues with it you can

hold it down for I’d say thirty seconds

or so and it will just keep on blasting

right there real simple as you can see I

don’t have my wiring management real

well there but I’ve got that ran down in

one of the little gaskets on the on the

bottom of the bed there and it goes

straight down and under into the cab

where the amplifier is down there so

let’s take a look at it underneath see

what it looks like underneath here

alright so those three trumpets right

down there are the ones that make that

great tone it sounds really good when

you are actually onto the side of it or

if you’re going down the road here and

what I’ll do is I’ll do a couple of

shots while I’m in the vehicle so you

guys can hear it going down the road as

you can see I remove the spare tire it

is mounted to the top of where the spare

tire actually locks into and then

there’s the heat shield and I’ve got it

coming out the exhaust side over here as

mentioned so if it gets really good tone

coming out that way so even being about

five car lengths back when I hit the

panic button here you’re gonna hear how

loud it is those trumpets are facing

away from us and here we go you can hear

it echoing off real great sound far away

it’s gonna make you jump you know it’ll

wake you up and when you get over here

to the business into the Warren here

this is where it’s gonna get loud just

about two-and-a-half car lengths away

from it right here and you can hear same

thing extremely loud great sound pretty

awesome right there on a star rating I

give this one about a four the reason

why I give it a four is cuz the plastic

trumpets that’s the only thing that I

had an issue with right there but it’s

holding true that it sounds really great

and on top of it you don’t really need

metal trumpets underneath there that’s

fine with me it’s it’s simple and easy

let me show you guys where I installed

the switch at so

you guys can see what that is I just

tapped into my horn down below here is

where your factory horn is I actually

disconnected it and just using this and

you can see that red wire that going

back there that is where it is triggered

at so let’s peek back behind here you

got to take a little bit of this off if

you want to get to it and access it so

this is actually the horn plug that goes

into the original horn if you want to

run it a little bit more fancy where you

have a switch inside in case you get

pulled over you can have a toggle switch

in there to go from one horn to the

other but as of right now I just

disconnect this and if I plug that right

back in the factory horn will work so

right now I just have the Wallow horn

plugged in and that is it right there

real simple and easy I took this panel

off right here ran it down this came

over here where my amp is and ran it

straight into the same exact location

that that the amp wire goes into right

there as you guys can see so so guys

thanks for watching thanks for like and

subscribe and I hope you appreciate this

video here if you want to get one of

these check out the link in the

description below for the Amazon it

helps me keep creating videos for this

just like you the four star review as I

was mentioning for that for those

plastic ones right there now that I’m

thinking about it now that I’ve had it

for about six months I I think the

plastic is OK it does its job it’s

really necessary and if you want to get

replacement parts I imagine that the

factory will send you these a little bit

cheaper than if you were to actually

have to purchase metal ones but a very

solid sound really sharp sound and as

well really great tones with those three

trumpets like that they’ve done a good

job with putting this together

and while off-roading I haven’t had any

damage to it I haven’t hit anything

because I don’t really go into too crazy

of places but they stay pretty clean and

they work really well so thanks again

for liking subscribing commenting hit

that Bell button if you’ve seen more

videos and I will see you guys again


all right so I’m gonna be driving I’m

driving about 40 miles an hour right now

and I wanted you guys to hear this from

the inside of the vehicle here is the

train horn from inside here we go if you

look some of the baseball players over

there are actually looking over this way

as far as mission is is really loud so

it’s got a good bump to it and I wish I

could show you some scares with it but

it’s just not my thing you know what I

mean so if you do decide to put this one

in make sure that you do have those

horns either facing to the left or the

right if you do it forward a lot of junk

is gonna get inside those horns or that

is my recommendation I just foresee it

you can clearly see it for the build-up

that you have underneath your truck from

road debris rocks etc and all you need

is one of those rocks to fly in there

and so more than likely doing damage to

those diaphragms that are inside of the

trumpets there so alright guys that’s

how it sounds from inside

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