Law Enforcement Strobe lighting for UAS and Drones

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Police Drone / Uas Strobe Lights for Law Enforcement

Has your agency adopted a policy for drones? Let us help you protect your aircraft during night operations. Part 107 for civilian and LEO use require a strobe light that is visible over 3 miles. With our Official Strobbon Cree Strobes you have multiple options.

With our Navigation and Anti Collision kit, you will be provided 3 battery operated strobes, Red Green and White.

LEO Navigation kit You will be provided White and Blue and Red.

Why do you need a set of lights?

  • Lawsuits
  • Accountability
  • Liability.
  • Visibility

As a former LEO, I lost a case of resisting since I was on bike patrol, we were not equipped with any police lights and you know how attorneys work. They used the fact that their client did not know it was a police officer, and ran. In addition, if you are not in a surveillance type of situation, the drone can become a great diversion. It is your discretion and policy that would dictate when to enable the lighting upon flight. Night flights do require at least one strobe as an anti collision lighting system. To see how these strobes work visit the youtube page and or video below

Via- News Journal Daytona Beach/Facebook










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