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You're Invited to the House Party

Players can now enjoy the full House Party game as its developers created it – raw and uncensored!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 19, 2018 / — Eek! Games today announced that it is releasing a DLC patch available immediately that will unlock the censorship in the core game and experience the game the way it was originally intended to be!

The game was originally available on Steam in its uncensored version but that all changed in 2017 when the developer was asked to censor some of the more graphic components of the game. But Steam, in its understanding of providing gamers with choices, has reversed that and now, once again, players can enjoy this smart sexy game and laugh it up with its therapy-needing cast of zany characters, where clothing is always optional in this AO (Adults Only) option for the game. It leaves little to the imagination and players will be able to play House Party as it was first intended by its creators.

“We are really happy Steam is giving gamers a choice again, and this game is all about choice. Now gamers of both sexes can blow off some steam enjoying the uncensored crazy fun antics of House Party! We’re listening to our audiences and this was just the first step. Upcoming versions include versions in Spanish and Russian, as well as playing from the female point of view. We’re all about choices!” said Bobby Ricci, CEO and Founder of Eek! Games.

The House Party game is no stranger to controversy and has long supported gamers’ rights to play the content they wish to play, without hypocritical censoring of their entertainment. It has for a long time taken a stance against Twitch, which has no problem allowing users to watch gore-filled violence yet feels that anything with sexual overtures is against the integrity of their services. Kill and slaughter all you want, but boobs or genitals are not welcome on their platform.
Eek! Games believes that gamers are responsible adults who can make the choice of the games they choose to play and watch others play. “As long as the games are labeled appropriately, we should let the gamers choose what they wish to see and play, not some unseen, puritanical “moral” authority,” said Bobby Ricci. For years the music industry has offered ‘explicit’ and non-explicit version of rap songs. It’s about time that the video game industry and the platforms recognize and allow this.

The House Party game is certainly intentionally risqué in nature. Does it have topics of debauchery, sex, nudity, the hangover effect, and comedic fun? “Well…Yes, of course!” said Bobby, “But it’s all done in the spirit of fun. This is not the real world…it’s a fantasy role playing game that’s tons of fun. That’s why it has such global appeal.” House Party is this generational “American Pie™” meets “Porky’s™”, but it’s executed in a smart game about choices, which doesn't insult your intelligence. Fun for males and females, alike, House Party delivers a unique gameplay mechanic through an advanced AI system whereby the player’s every choice influences the reaction and outcome of the game. One only has to read the reviews by players, who have voiced their approval in recent review scores on Steam. As one player wrote which was predictive of the DLC patch…” Interesting game. I hope they add uncensored patch to the main game since Steam lowered their restriction. …it has excellent character build, good puzzle and graphics in addition to "choice matters" which adds multiple endings to the story. As for rating it's 9/10 definitely worth getting…”

House Party also includes a first of its kind, Custom Story Creator, which allows players to create their own stories for the game, which they can share with others who can play through new experiences and new character reactions for tremendous and fun replay-ability.

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About Eek Games!
Eek! Games was started in 2015, with “House Party” as its first title. Programmer, Bobby Ricci, had worked on a few other projects prior.
In 2017 House Party was launched on Steam, as an Early Access game. Even though it was still very premature, the initial reception was surprising and the community built quickly. The game sold over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks and over 300,000 purchased downloads in its first year, alone.
Bobby and Eek! Games have many more game ideas brewing with a new update to House Party coming in late October and a new title in the works for a tentative 2020 Early Access release.

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